Winzerwald’s Famous Spiced Wines Selected by the German Steinbach Company

The Steinbach Company in partnership with the City of Carmel have developed a monumental authentic German pyramid to showcase warm beverages for 6 weeks every year at the Carmel Christkindlmarkt.  In addition to warm wines and beer from Germany, the only two local wines featured will be Winzerwald Winery’s semi-sweet spiced Blush and spiced Cranberry. To learn more visit:

Voted Best Winery

Winzerwald Winery was voted the Best Winery in 2018 by the readers of the Perry County News.

Award-Winning Wines

Winzerwald wines have made appearances and have won awards at several wine competitions, like the Indy International Wine Competition, which receives thousands of entries each year. Results are determined by a distinguished panel of judges from across the United States.

2018 Award Winners

Little Rhineland White

GOLD MEDAL–2018 Indy International 

Little Rhineland Red

GOLD MEDAL–2018 Indy International 

Ambrosia Port – White

GOLD MEDAL–2018 Indy International 

Pumpkin Spice (formerly Schweizer Spice)

SILVER MEDAL –2018 Indy International

Concord Rouge

SILVER MEDAL–2018 Indy International 

Gewürztraminer (geh-vurts-tra-meener)

SILVER MEDAL–2018 Indy International

Catawba Rosé

SILVER MEDAL–2018 Indy International; BRONZE MEDAL-2018 Indiana Wine Fair

Pinot Meunier (Schwarzriesling grape-Black Riesling) 

SILVER MEDAL–2018 Indy International

Cherry Red

SILVER MEDAL – 2018 Indy International


BRONZE MEDAL – 2018 Indy International

Mai Wein (my-vine)  

BRONZE MEDAL –2018 Indy International


BRONZE MEDAL –2018 Indy International


BRONZE MEDAL–2018 Indy International


BRONZE MEDAL –2018 Indy International