Frequently Asked Questions

Are children allowed in the winery?

Yes we welcome children and families in the winery. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed in the tasting area at the tasting counters.

Are pets allowed in the winery?

Yes, we welcome pets at the winery but ask that all pets, including very small dogs be leashed for their and other guests safety  Pets are not allowed in the winery building itself which contains a combined restaurant/tasting room.

What time zone is Winzerwald Winery in?

The winery is located right on the time zone line between Central and Eastern time zones. Our times at the winery are Central Daylight Savings time, the same as Chicago and Evansville and one hour behind Indianapolis and Louisville. If your cell phone is set to exhibit local time, you may find the time fluctuating on our property as it receives its signal from two different cell phone towers, one in the Central time zone and one in the Eastern time zone.

Does Winzerwald Winery Make Donations?

Winzerwald Winery is a proud member of the Perry County business community. Our donation priorities are to organizations located in Perry County, Indiana with 501(c)(3) charitable status in the areas of health & wellness, education, families, veterans, the arts and the environment. If you wish us to make a donation to your charity or organization, you must contact us one month in advance and and we will let you know if we are able to help. Please do not solicit donations via email, telephone or on-site visitation. Simply complete the contact form and under message include the following:  1. organization name & who benefits from your work, 2. name/date/location of event 3. Type of donation requested; and 3. tax i.d. number.

Do you offer Production Tours?

We love to educate our guests and groups during tours.  However, we have a small staff and a small production facility. We, therefore, offer tours by appointment only and ask that you contact us 72 hours in advance. Tours of the production facility and the vineyard are available.

Will be wines be alright if stored in my car while visiting in the summer?

Your wines can easily overheat and be damaged if stored in a closed car for anymore than 30 minutes or so in temperatures above 80 degrees. To avoid damage, keep the wines in the air conditioned car rather than the trunk while driving between destinations and crack your windows to ventilate. Even with windows cracked, cars make great greenhouses and temperatures can soar to 170 degrees inside within a 1/2 hour even with windows cracked. Wine, like children & the elderly, do not fare well in cars in hot weather.

Can we hold our WEDDING at your winery?

At this time, we do not have ample parking to accommodate most weddings nor associated services. Small bachelorette wine tastings or dinner parties of 15 – 25 guests may be reserved by contacting us via email or telephone. Reserved spaces may be rented for a minimum of $5 per guest.

Can we make RESERVATIONS for dinner or private parties?

We do not accept reservations in the restaurant as it is a order at the counter/pickup at the counter pager system style of restaurant. If you wish to hold a small dinner or private party of 15-25 guests in the main tasting room or in an outdoor reserved area, please contact us via email or telephone and we can see if we can accommodate you.  Reserved spaces may be rented for a minimum of $5 per guest. Larger after hour parties are available on a limited basis for corporate or special events for a minimum of a $500 per event rental, or more depending on size.